The Ladder, The Ghost, and The Water

by The Band of Rivals

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released June 4, 2015



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The Band of Rivals Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Five musicians from seemingly unrelated genres of expertise come together to make The Band of Rivals. Since 2012 the quintet has succeeded in blending the rich traditions of American Folk music with more contemporary forms of jazz, rock, and blues. Lyrically their songs tell tales of loss, redemption and are also deeply historical and influenced by classic literature. ... more

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Track Name: Ghosts of You
Say that you need a friend
one not afraid of anything
but God or the devil
could not break you down

So you go for a walk in the woods
say your not afraid of anything
but the ghosts in the hall
sure look a lot like you

Like you, my love,
just like you,

So you build your house on sand
'cause a wise man braves the elements
but God or the devil
will throw it to the sea

So you build your idols tall
make them indestructible
but the Lord on high
will bring you to your knees

Ghosts of you, my love
just like you, like you

Ghosts of You....
Track Name: Face of Narcissus
And I saw my face
in the water, and vanity consumed me
Oh mother dear
save me from myself

before I lose my way
In my golden locks,
and blue eyes I've been
searching for beauty within
but here it lies on the surface
they call me Narcissus

And I saw her face
on the shore
staring at me
oh she was fair
but not as fair as the water

Before I turned away
to my golden locks
and blue eyes I've been
letting my ego win
and now she dies
for the purpose....
Her love for Narcissus
Track Name: Rust
And I heard what you said
when the flowers were dead
but the grass grew tall
underneath the willow tree
you and me talked on through the night

and you said the words
that I probably should
hold you in my rusty arms again
and I fell asleep
with you clutching at my chest
we lay in the shadow of the moon

And time moves so slow
the seeds we sow
flourish in the sun
as for me against this tree
I will be covered by the lawn

And I heard the words
that I probably should
settle down and harvest from the earth
and I’ll till the ground
underneath the sun and stars
until my sweet Lord lay me down
Track Name: The Outsider
You can brand me as a demon
wreak havoc on my soul
talk about the details
or what I could control
wrestle all around it
the truth shall appear
let out all your anger
for my conscious is clear

I feel alone at night in bed
for they say to talk to a god unknown

It was me against that villain
by the waterside
the rest I can’t remember
although you know I’ve tried
so deal your death as judgment
pardon not my plea
for I alone discovered
life’s absurdity

I feel alone at night in bed
for they say to talk to a god unknown
Track Name: Dust to Dust
Call me a friend of the devil
spose’ its fine by me
robbed some trains back in my day
and son it was a sight to see

hear that bell a tolling
calling out my name

never cared much for whiskey
couldn’t stand much gin
had a wife back in Reno
but she don’t know the shape I’m in
Won’t you spare me your vanity
spare me your sermons too
‘cause I’m about to have the devil’s own day
and I think I’m gonna start with you

Hear that bell a tolling
calling out my name

Now I am old and frail now
one thing before I go
go down there and you tell her
that I am six feet below
Track Name: Golden Shores
As he walked through the valley
of the shadow of death
all the people they adored him
for his fondness of the law

light will come
from the blessed one
gonna send it out
from the earth to the sun

Oh we go sailing
to a distant shore

and this love
of which I speak
it lay tangled
in the deepest hole
and though I may
try to fight it
I cannot be so meek

Love will come
when His will is done
don’t you soon forget
the battle we one

Oh we go sailing
to his golden shore
Oh we go sailing
to his golden shore
Track Name: Charon
Hey there scout welcome aboard.
Don’t you worry I’ve plotted out your course.
Ain’t nobody knows this river like me; I’ve been ferryin souls for all of eternity.

Charles Marlow once rode at my side.
Spoke of the darkness that we keep inside.
Let go of those mortal things. Listen now you can hear the dead sing.

Save those pleas about your fate.
I don’t judge just take you to Hell’s gate.
You can’t run there's nowhere to go; I’m the captain, the master of this show.

Most of the times I’m not one to boast.
You’re in the presence the sovereign of this coast.
Hate to do it but you’ll have to pay; lack the coin and you’ll be forced to stay.

That which isn’t dead that eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.
Dream holds the key to hell.
With the living the damned now dell.
Track Name: Carter Hill
Carter hill
was a gambling man
spent his whole life
trying not to fall well,
he left home at the age of ten
pockets filled with coins and
half a loaf of bread

Carter learned to gamble
from a man under the railroad bridge
and soon he was cleaning out every hall
with a quick wrist and counting cards

You better run like the dog that you are
they’re catching up don’t look back you won’t get far

Carter when you gonna learn
this town ain’t a penny arcade
and Carter when you gonna learn
gonna catch you soon
gonna catch you soon

and Carter died
with a deck of cards
to his name
and Carter learned
the hard way
what you get when you cheat
everyone you meet
Track Name: Bastille Day
Rest your weary head for the night
lay down with me until the morning light
and judgment shall be dealt
from the devil’s mouth

you better find your way
through the dark
hand in hand we’ll try
to make a spark
but the god I love
has no business here
you better find your way
through the dark

I got a wife at home won’t see her again
for these demons on horseback
they’re closing in
and the Reaper in the doorway beckons me

you better find your way
through the dark
hand in hand we’ll try
to make a spark
but the god I love
has no business here
you better find your way
through the dark

All you heroes stand up tall
for glory lies at the other side of the hill
if you get cut down by the brush line
there I’m laying in a puddle of my own
in a field of smoke and hellfire
cuts through our brittle bones
won’t you lay me down
in a shallow hole
so I can watch the clouds roll in

My Brother, My Brother. My Brother
won’t you help me my friend ‘cause I’m dyin here